Successful merging of Facebook, Boilerroom, Soundcloud and Twitter.

The world’s leading social media platforms finally merge into one complete and up to date overview of the electronic dance scene – worldwide, real time and in one browser window.

The world’s leading social media finally merge into one new digital platform, bringing together as many as nine online channels. This long awaited online innovation - called 9Waves - gathers every bit of information available on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Soundcloud, Boilerroom, Gigatools,, Discogs and mixesDB - and simply hands it over to you in a clear overview.

All you've gotta do is go to and start browsing for your favorite artists, clubs, gigs and mixes. Say you’re looking for the latest updates on Ben Klock. Simply type in his name and 9Waves instantly offers his latest productions and sets - of which you can directly look up the used tracks - you can see how last night’s party on Ibiza was and check out at which club he's having a gig tonight. Yep. 

The brilliance of 9Waves however is that it works either way around. Type in the name of your favorite club and 9Waves presents everything there is find - from Richie Hawtin’s last Instagram post to the latest Boilerroom episode recorded there. 

The electronic dance music scene is one the most dynamic, fastest growing branches in the music industry. Keeping up with the scene means you either have to follow everything and everyone on every form of social media – which will drive you nuts in about an hour - or means you’ll have to spend your days wandering the Internet, as every bit of information is scattered over hundreds of websites, channels and platforms - which is, besides highly undesirable, simply gar unmöglich. 9Waves finally turns this impossibility into an obvious possibility.

So. Go check it out.

9Waves is currently running a Beta version. New features will be added continuously, so make sure to check out 9Waves regularly. 

" - Het beste idee van Nederland?" Dj
"Is 9Waves the new secret social media sensation we've all been waiting for?" Dj
About 9WAVES

The idea for 9Waves originated from a deeply rooted love for music and the desire to create an easier way for artists to present themselves to their audience. Artists can create their own profile and adjust it to their own taste and style. The site was developed for both fans and dj’s who want to know about every in and out going on in the electronic dance scene and who love discovering new music, artists and clubs.